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"A huge thank you to the Beach Bash crew - thanks for having us we had a ball! Thanks also to all of the happy, fit families we met on the weekend - that's why we do what we do - happy fit fun for kids and the obstacles were awesome for bouncing!"- Sam, 2014

"Thanks guys. Awesome huge challenge great obstacles. Perfect for the beautiful South GC" – Kylie, 2014

"It was fab, awesome obstacles! Definitely coming back next year! Very well organised and well done to all the staff and volunteers you were great!!!!" – Peter, 2014

"Was brilliant, good value & great atmosphere had a blast in my wonderwoman outfit the volunteers were brilliant and everyone friendly" – Karen, 2014

"Friends and I loved it and being a little on the short side, certainly appreciated the "boost". Everyone just helped each other get over the walls, great team effort for all the participants!" – Sylvia, 2014

"Thanks for a great day, we really enjoyed it and were impressed by the organisation of the whole event. Was great not to have to line up for ever for registrations" – Scott, 2013

"We had the best time today!! You guys rocked it!!! Amazing obstacles & great value. Can't wait for next years!!!!!" – Kellie, 2013