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The Event Itself

How safe is the Beach Bash?
Well we didn't want to make it too easy for you! The course and obstacles are all very safe but you will be jumping, climbing, sliding, lifting, climbing walls, sand running and much more, so of course there is a risk of injury however all necessary precautions have been taken. There will be first aid at the event in case you need assistance. Medical personnel may examine any participant that appears to be suffering or injured. You enter Beach Bash at your own risk. Our kids wave is very safe, but once again, like any sport, injuries are always possible.
Is there an age limit? 
Juniors who are 5 – 10 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during the course.  It is recommended that juniors 11 – 14 years are also accompanied by an adult, however it’s not compulsory if they have accepted clause 15 of the waiver.
Please note that the above applies for the 4km course. Children participating in the kids wave do not need to be accompanied by an adult.
I've entered my child into the kids wave, can I run alongside them? 
Yes of course. There will be staff and volunteers along the course but you’re very welcome to run along side your child and cheer them on.
Can we compete in teams?
Yes absolutely! You can register a new team or join an existing team when you register via our website.
What happens if it rains? 
A little rain will just add to the adrenalin and excitement of this event. In the unlikely event of a natural disaster or extreme weather conditions, check our facebook page on the day to check for any changes. No refunds will be issued, however you will be able to transfer to another Beach Bash event where possible.
What if I want to dress as a hotdog? 
As long as your costume (including shoes) will not harm either yourself or your mates, you can be a panda for the day. Good running shoes with laces are advised and encouraged.
I haven't got off the couch since 1999! Can I do this? 
There is no time limit to complete the course, so you don't have to be a mega-fit athlete to compete in it. However, Beach Bash tests endurance, strength, agility, determination, coordination and mate-ship . . . . . . so get training!
Will I be timed? 
No, Beach Bash is a challenge rather than a race. In our opinion everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner!
How do the obstacles work? Will they be too scary, difficult or dangerous?
The obstacles were designed to be fun and challenging. You can get a buddy to help you because everybody needs help sometimes! If you are really stuck, there are plenty of volunteers at every obstacle to get you out of your pickle!
There is no way I am crawling through that! Can I still participate? 
If you definitely don't want to participate in a particular obstacle, it is your right and responsibility to say ‘no’.
I am not the best swimmer, will this be a problem?
Not at all as there are NO swimming or open water activities involved in the event.
What if I want a sneaky peak of the course?
Nice try! We keep the course top secret until the day of the event part of the challenge is not knowing what obstacle is next, much like life itself.
Can I mail my entry in?
Sorry mate, it is online registration only. Still say hi to your postie!
Start wave changes?
You are able to change your starting wave time up until two weeks before by contacting us. providing the wave time is not full. 
When can I pick up my Beach Bash wave band to enter the start area for my allocated wave time?
All wave bands must be collected on the day as wave bands will not be mailed to participants. Your wave band will be available to pick up at the registration tent from 6.30am on the day of the event. We recommend you arrive 1 hour before your start time. Just bring your printed e-ticket, photo ID and your signed waiver to collect your wave band. You’ll need your wave band in order to enter the starting area. If you are under 18 years of age, make sure you have a parent / guardian with you to co-sign the waiver.
I forgot my signed waiver, what do I do? 
Additional copies of the waiver documents will be available near the registration tent. Just drop by and fill one out before you collect your wave band and it will be sweet!
My buddy wanted to sleep in, can I pick up their wave band?
You need a copy of your buddy's photo ID, their printed e-ticket and a letter from them saying they give you permission to collect the wave band on their behalf and you need your buddy's signed event waiver too! You also need to sign a form to say you have collected their wave band and you are responsible for getting it to them. 
Cool shirt, I want at least 20!
Beach Bash t-shirts and merchandise will be available for purchase near the registration tent that opens at 8am.
What is a wave band?
Instead of a race bib, which tend to get caught up on different obstacles, you’ll be given a wrist band (wave band) before you can make your way to the starting line. Each wave will be given a different coloured wave band.
Does Beach Bash give refunds?
No, we don’t give refunds but if you decide you can’t make the event – why not transfer your registration to a mate so they can tell you how much fun it was. We can transfer your registration up until two weeks before the event.
The Big Day
When should I arrive on race day?
We recommend that you arrive at least one hour before your scheduled wave time. Remember that you have to find a park, pick up your wave band and check in your bag then head on over to the starting line! (Check location map to see parking options)
What should I bring on the day?
Photo ID, your printed e-ticket, your signed waiver, money so you can stay and play, swimmers and a towel to cool off, extra sunscreen if you need it, (there will be sunscreen at the rego tent). plus, a good attitude - no sad sacks thank you! If you are under 18 years of age, make sure you have a parent / guardian with you to co-sign your waiver.
Where can I park? Check out parking for your location. Get there early to get the best spot.
Will there be a bag drop?
For a gold coin donation to charity, you can drop your swag off at the bag drop area near the registration tent. It works the same as a coat check! Feel free to leave your keys, T-shirt and anything else you think might slow you down during the event. Bag drop is available for all Beach Bash participants. All care but no responsibility will be taken for the items checked in. Bag drop will open 1 hour before the first wave and close 2 hours after the last wave.
Water Stations will be available along the course. Water will also be available after you cross the finish line. Please feel free to bring your own water bottle and make sure you’ve hydrated in the lead up to the event.
Busting for the loo... where do I go?
Plenty of toilets will be located near the registration area, make sure you do a nervous wee before you start!
Will there be food stalls?
Yes - sure will. A variety of food options will be available for purchase at the event. Beach Bash supports local business so you have plenty of choice with all the great cafes and restaurants near by as well.
What are the wave times for the event?
Wave times are listed on the registration page.
Can I come along as a spectator?
Beach Bash will not only be the most amazing and fun beach obstacle event in Australia, but it will be a sight to behold for your friends and family. Come along to watch and support your buddies! We love spectators!
What about insurance?
Beach Bash is covered by public liability. Your insurance cover purchased at time of registration should be closely read and understood. Parents or guardians of children under the age of 15 (not insured) assume all responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of training &/or participating in the Beach Bash, including, but not limited to hospitalization, ambulance transportation or physician services.